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Patently Brilliant Inventor Disclosure
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The purpose of the Patently Brilliant Inventor Disclosure is to inform inventors that the process of creating a new product/concept and developing it into a commercial success is extremely difficult, time consuming, often frustrating, confusing and usually costly. To succeed, inventors normally must accomplish, at a high level: the legal process (patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc); engineering, scientific or technical factors; production concerns; and, market distribution.  For an individual inventor, this can be a daunting task and should be carefully considered before risking talents, time, energies and capital.

The United States Patent & Trademark Office examines and licenses Patent Attorneys/Agents to represent inventors.  Although an inventor can always represent themselves, inventors are strongly encouraged to seek advice and assistance only from licensed professionals. Patently Brilliant employs the services of independent Patent Attorneys/Agents for their clients through Montgomery Patent & Design, LLC.  Both Patently Brilliant and Montgomery Patent & Design are part of Montgomery IP Associates, LLC family of companies. Patently Brilliant specializes in consulting, performing research and assisting individual inventors with the completion of their inventions into a condition for applying for a patent. Patently Brilliant never evaluates an invention in terms of potential marketability. Patently Brilliant employs Montgomery Patent & Design and their Registered Professional Engineers and other degreed engineers as well as their registered Patent Practitioners for patent and engineering services.  Advertising, product promotion, websites and representation are provided by Advertising & Business Generation, LLC through their proprietary website, also part of Montgomery IP Associates.  This process ensures a coordinated effort and complete confidentiality.

Patently Brilliant, nor any entity of the Montgomery IP Associates family either singularly or collectively, considers itself as an invention promoter or developer because the client maintains complete control of their invention and can select from a variety of options; regardless, in the spirit of complete and full disclosure, the following information is provided and is regularly updated.

The total number of inventors who contacted Patently Brilliant over the past 5 years is 115,955; from that total 73,052 submitted ideas in for a review; that number was reduced to 15,074 who were offered research services; that amount was further reduced to 3,478 who paid for professional research services; following research 1,978 received positive professional opinions of patentability and feasibility and were proffered development agreements. 926 inventors elected to contract for our product development services that include any combination of our patent, engineering and marketing services. No client and invention is offered a development contract unless a positive patent, copyright or trademark opinion as well as a positive technical opinion is obtained.

Of the total Patently Brilliant clients contracting for patent or commercialization services, at least 144 have reported commercial success, 19 received licensing agreements while hundreds of cases remain active. It is important to note that licensing is just one option that an inventor can pursue to commercialize their invention and is not the only route pursued for our clients. Not every offer to license or otherwise commercialize an invention was accepted by the inventor who has the sole responsibility to accept, reject or counter any offer. Although our clients are not required to report their financial progress, at least 18 inventors have volunteered that they have become financially profitable with their invention.

Past performance of professional services can provide no guarantee of future profits or that anyone will agree to purchase, license, produce or distribute any invention idea. Bringing an invention from an idea to marketed product is a high risk venture.

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